Linen Efficiency Study



Lbs. of Linen
Cleaned to Date

On-Premise Laundry
With over 100 years of healthcare laundry experience from the leading management team in the industry, Bates Troy, in partnership with your team, will conduct a no-cost analysis of your On-Premise Laundry to determine if outsourcing is a more beneficial option for your facility. Your actual costs are compared to industry, regional and local costs. In a recent study, a prominent hospital was convinced their in-house laundry was operating at .48 per clean pound. Once the study concluded and all costs were analyzed, the hospital administration agreed that their laundry costs were actually .89 per clean delivered pound.
Orthodox Practices
Bates Troy is the industry leader in promoting orthodox laundry practices. Your linen should be billed per piece or per pound. If you are billed per pound it should be “ACTUAL” weight of the linen from a validated scale minus the tare weight of the linen cart. Unfortunately, in the industry there are many “unorthodox” billing practices. Bates Troy will identify these for you and assure that your facility is achieving maximum efficiency in the linen function.