Green Efforts



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Cleaned to Date

These are some of the ongoing environmental efforts by Bates Troy Inc.

  • Bates Troy Inc. and BAE Systems PLC, London, have partnered since 2011 to test a delivery truck powered by BAE’s HybriDrive® parallel propulsion system. BAE Systems will track data about the truck’s fuel economy and performance, while Bates Troy makes its daily deliveries and pickups of clean and soiled healthcare linens.
  • Earth Day 2008 Bates Troy received a Green Business Initiative Award from the Broome County Legislature.
  • Our new “Green Machine”, the G. A. Braun 220 Batch Tunnel Washer, is an environmentally- friendly, state-of-the-art washing machine. Processing up to 6000 pounds per hour this machine has reduced water consumption to about .6 gallons per pound of laundry from 1.1 gallons/pound, one of the lowest ratios in the industry.
  • The Green Machine recycles more water & more efficiently reuses warm water than conventional machines.
  • Our new line of G. A Braun peripheral equipment, Press Extractor and high efficient dryers (drying up to 500 pounds of towels in 18 minutes) greatly reduce drying time again saving resources, namely natural gas & electricity.
  • Bates Troy’s innovative installation and product development assistance of this new equipment won a grant from the New York State Energy Research Development Agency (NYSERDA).
  • The Bates Troy installation is a national sales model for G. A. Braun of Syracuse.
  • Bates Troy’s recent plant expansion also included the upgrading and expansion of its entire water heat reclamation system.
  • The plant expansion also included new metering and monitoring of waste water.
  • The plant expansion also includes the replacement of all light fixtures for NYSERDA Energy-Saver approved ones.
  • We installed new, smaller boilers to increase efficiency for smaller steam demands.
  • The plant is cooled by energy efficient “swamp coolers” rather than resource-heavy air conditioning.
  • Bates Troy uses a fuel efficient diesel Sprinter truck for its dry cleaning deliveries.
  • Our employee restrooms use motion sensors for lights and low volume flush toilets.
  • Bates Troy introduced “Green Cleaning” bags to its stores to use fewer plastic bags.
  • Bates Troy, along with it partner trade Association Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) and supplier Gurtler Industries is a voluntary participant in Laundry ESP (the Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program.
  • The resulting six years of industry improvements have surpasses results expected by TRSA and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • These results include: 40% reduction in pollutant discharge, 12.5% reduction in waste water, 11% reduction in energy use, and the implementation of environmentally friendly wash chemicals.
  • New washing products include low or no phosphate detergents.
  • New surfactant technology that meet the EPA’s Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative (SDSI), these products offer improved biodegradability.
  • New low temperature products which work more efficiently at low water temperature to reduce energy consumption.
  • New Oxygen bleaching technology over chlorine bleaching minimizing the environmental effects of waste water.
  • New enzyme technology detergents that reduce or eliminate the need for bleaches for stain removal.