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The Dry Greening™ reusable dry cleaning bag offers consumers and the dry cleaning industry a safe, convenient, cost-effective solution to eliminate the billions of single-use plastic garment bags currently used for dry cleaning throughout the country.

With one bag, you can bring your clothes in an easy-to-carry tote bag to the cleaners and then the dry cleaner will place your cleaned items directly into bag. And when you get home, you no longer have to mess with plastic bags.

Our bag is made from non-woven polypropylene (It is the same material that most grocery and department stores use for their reusable bags). Naturally, we wanted to pick an organic fiber; however, there is no natural fiber available that is water repellent to protect the garments. We would have to treat the organic fiber with harsh chemicals, and that’s not very green, is it? We chose our current material for its longer lifespan, strength, durability and resistance to liquids. BAG DETAILS

The size is 24”W x 40”L x 5”D. The Dry Greening™ bag can easily hold 12 standard shirt/pants.

It is water repellent to protect your garments from outside elements.

When in tote form, the bag can carry up to 35 lbs. (That’s a lot of dry cleaning!)

There is a clear identification pocket to hold customer tickets. This bag is recyclable at the end of its lifespan.

When cleaning the bag, it is recommended that you wipe the bag with antibacterial wipes or spot clean with a wet cloth. Since we want to extend the lifespan of the bag as long as possible, we recommend only occasional machine washings in cold, no drying necessary.