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Guaranteeing the delivery of your goods – 400kw Combined Heat & Power, cleaner, greener power

In 2014 Bates Troy Inc., to ensure the uninterrupted processing of clients’ goods, took a bold initiative to invest in a 400-kilowatt Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system, also known as “cogen”, short for cogeneration. The system, which went into full operation in 2105 produces electricity and hot water from V8 engines powered natural gas, gives our healthcare linen service complete electric power redundancy even during extended power grid failures. In fact, our plant runs on this system every day and can do so indefinitely as long as there is natural gas in the pipeline. If natural gas service is interrupted the electric grid becomes our backup.

The system is located in a secure room five feet off the ground in our plant, as area that never saw water damaged even during two recent 500-year floods.

Bates Troy is one of the few laundries in the entire country with this complete backup power capability. Our clients’ can rest easy knowing we have their back

For emergency backup service please contact:
Patrick Fendick, Director of Sales at 607.723-5333, ext. 330 and/or

Bates Troy Inc. and BAE Systems PLC, London hybrid partnership

Bates Troy Inc., Binghamton, NY, and BAE Systems PLC, London, have partnered since 2011 to test a truck powered by BAE’s HybriDrive® parallel propulsion system. BAE Systems will track data about the truck’s fuel economy and performance, while Bates Troy makes its daily deliveries and pickups of clean and soiled healthcare linens.

Bates Troy Receives 2nd Green Business Initiative Award from the Broome County Legislature

Bates Troy Inc. was awarded its second Green Business Initiative Award from the Broome County Legislature in three years. The proclamation was presented to company president Brian Kradjian on Earth Day, April 22, 2010. The following day a tree was planted in honor of Bates Troy Inc. at Broome County’s Otsiningo Park. Pictured above at the planting ceremony are Clerk of the Broome County Legislature Eric S. Denk, Broome County Legislature Chairman Daniel D. Reynolds, Bates Troy General Manager Tom Singe and Sales and Marketing Director Randy J. Widrick.

Eco-leaves certification to dry cleaning

Recently Bates Troy has recently been awarded Four Eco-Leaves by the Green Cleaners Council of the National Cleaners Association for its ongoing commitment to environmentally-friendly practices in its plant and store operations.

Laundry ESP

In June, Bates Troy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s program with the national Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) called Laundry ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program). This industry-wide program seeks to achieve environmental goals and benefits through innovation in materials and processes.

Green Business Award from the Broome County Legislature

Legislature Recognizes ‘green’ Organizations The Broome County (NY) Legislature on Thursday, April 24, 2008, awarded the efforts of Bates Troy Healthcare Linen Service and 19 other regional organizations, stating they displayed leadership and instituted creative environmental programs that go above and beyond mandated regulations. Bates Troy Healthcare Linen Service’s ongoing plant expansion and installation of a new, state-of-the-art G. A. Braun Batch Tunnel Washer was recognized for the reduction of energy and natural resources it will offer. Also noted were new technological measures to sanitize the Soil Room and the installation of new monitoring and metering equipment for all energy, natural resources and waste. “On behalf of Bates Troy I would like to sincerely thank the Broome County Legislature for honoring our efforts in investing in green technologies here in our Greater Binghamton Area. It truly feels wonderful to be able to grow one’s business while simultaneously using less energy and being environmentally friendly. These instances show that the business world and the environment can coexist in a mutually beneficial way. G.A. Braun, the equipment manufacturer, is engineering laundry machinery with the green revolution in mind.”, said Brian Kradjian, President & CEO of Bates Troy Healthcare Linen Services.

Bates Troy Inc. Continues its Green Efforts img_garment-bags
Bates Troy introduces new, “Green Cleaning” garment bags


Bates Troy sponsors new Hybrid “Twilight Zone” Bus

 Binghamton, NY – Bates Troy Healthcare Linen Services and Dry Cleaning was pleased to sponsor a decorated Broome County Transit bus that travelled the streets of Binghamton and was part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the first television airing of hometown hero Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone. In keeping with Bates Troy’s environmentally-friendly efforts we are pleased to note the bus is a fuel-efficient hybrid. The bus was also part of a competition sponsored by BUSRide Magazine and Oracal USA to find the “most attractive, compelling bus wraps in the business” It finished in second place with votes. Lawrence Kassan, Director of Rod Serling Video Festival & Director of Special Projects Binghamton City School District, spoke at the public unveiling of the new Broome County Transit hybrid bus. Behind Mr. Kassan is County Executive Barbara Fiala and City of Binghamton Mayor Matthew T. Ryan. Rod Serling’s image looks over Mr. Kassan’s shoulder. Mr. Kassan said of the Bates Troy sponsorship, “I’m thrilled that Bates Troy, along with the Oakdale Mall and BC Transit are so supportive of our celebration! Their sponsorship made it possible to decorate this beautiful bus which honors Rod Serling, not only a true pioneer of early television but someone that we all in Binghamton are proud to call our own!” For more information on the Rod Serling Video Festival visit:

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