Cost Containment



Lbs. of Linen
Cleaned to Date

Linen Master On-line Order Change
A time-saver, Linen Master is the leading linen-management software in the industry. With a few clicks you can go to your next order and adjust your quantities. As soon as you exit the order, the changes are immediately sent to our main healthcare plant and your order is adjusted.

Customized Linen Service
Being a family-owned healthcare laundry, you are not bound by set policies and procedures of a large, multi-plant laundry. We can customize your linen program to your specific needs. We can address issues such as storage, pick-up and delivery times and days, par levels, personal clothing, labeling of personals, scales and billing.

Linen Committees
Contrary to industry opinion, the key to linen savings is not totally price per piece or price per pound. Although you should strive for a fair price per piece or pound, the key to savings is COST CONTAINMENT through linen conservation. Cost containment is a partnership between you and your laundry. We completely oppose and reject the “CANDY STORE” philosophy of loading you up with excess linen. We know the key to a long term partnership is if we work together to contain your costs. We will work with you to establish an active functional linen committee that reduces costs while assuring you have adequate linen supply. In a recent effort, the linen committee reduced weekly linen usage by 32% within 10 weeks, saving the nursing home over $2100 per week .

Communication and Connection
All of our managers and healthcare delivery drivers are connected via cell phone. Even though this is a tremendous expense, it is vital to our effort to provide you with world-class service. In the 2006 flood, with most roads closed, our management and delivery team stayed in contact with one another and were able to deliver every account and continue service to all of our partners as well as several hospitals and nursing homes who were not our regular customers.

Consulting Services
Bates Troy has joined arms with many of our long term partners on specific consulting projects examining new ways of cost containment, identifying problem areas, team development, equipment purchase and sale, direct purchase cost savings, and product improvement. With the vast experience of our management team combined with our purchasing power and industry contacts, we are often able to save you a significant amount of time and money.

Thermo Patch Labeling System
As a Thermo Patch distributor, Bates Troy is able to save our healthcare partners a significant amount of money on a Thermo Patch labeling system. This assists both your facility and us in making sure any lost personal linen gets returned to you.