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Lbs. of Linen
Cleaned to Date


Ara Kradjian


Brian Kradjian
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Extension 328

Robert Cutone
Plant & Service Manager

Joe Liparulo
General Manager,
Extension 302

Ann Hobart
Account Manager,

Jennifer Starchok
Account Analyst,
Extension 301

Christine Gill
Billing Dept,
Extension 304

Bobbie Miller
Senior Team Leader

Angel Ashley
Sales & Service Rep.
Ray Karleski
Chief Engineer,
Extension 307

Bryan Goodman
Customer Service Rep.

Levin Spence,
Maintenance Supervisor,
Call Main Switchboard

Tammy Farley
Human Resources Manager,
Extension 316

Steve Scrooby,
2nd Shift Maintenance Supervisor

Anahit Kradjian,
Information Systems & Sourcing Director

Frank Griffiths III,
Fleet Manager,

Vince Abbadessa
Master Dry Cleaner
Call Main Switchboard

Edward G. Arzouian
Compliance & Special Projects Coordinator,
Extension 327

Robert Frank
Dry Cleaning Store Manager,
Tel: 607.729.6741