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Bates Troy, Healthcare Linen Services mission is to provide clean linen to over 5000 patient beds per day while making our healthcare customers’ patients comfortable and free from hospital acquired pathogens. In conjunction to this, Bates Troy aims to increase our healthcare partner’s linen utilization and decrease costs all while providing excellent service.

Bates Troy Quality Dry Cleaning & Tailoring strives to provide an unparalleled retail store customer experience. With personalized attention, Broome County’s own green quality dry cleaning and laundry services, tailoring to accommodate your garment needs, attractive remodeled stores with three convenient locations, the customer is always first!

Bates Troy Fire & Water Restoration Services will be the friend you can count on when faced with the despair that devastating fires often leave behind. Let us handle the dirty and frustrating work of removing your fire damaged clothing and drapes, transport it, clean and sanitize it while employing state-of-the-art ozone technology, and deliver it back to you.

Corporate History & Info

Bates Troy, Inc. is one of the older family-owned businesses in the Greater Binghamton area, dating back to the late 1800’s, when Otis Bates opened Bates Steam Laundry on Court Street.

In the early 1900’s, Bates Steam Laundry merged with Troy Laundry to form Bates Troy and relocated to the former Joseph Laurer Brewing Company on Laurel Avenue in Binghamton. In the mid-1940’s BatesTroy was purchased by two Armenian immigrants, Kenneth and Arthur Kradjian, who had survived the Armenian Genocide. Bates Troy performed dry cleaning, laundry, uniform rentals, and some healthcare services. In the early 1990’s, BatesTroy sold the uniform division to focus exclusively on the specific linen needs of healthcare facilities. The current Bates Troy Corporate Offices are located at 151 Laurel Avenue in Binghamton, NY.

The company now specializes in healthcare linen, dry cleaning & tailoring, & fire and water restoration. Bates Troy currently employs 91 people. Bates Troy was also recognized by the TRSA as one of the oldest commercial laundries still in existence. As a three generation family business, we still employ a “family” company culture with all of our employees. What this history amounts to is simple: experience and expertise.