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Let Bates Troy Healthcare Linen Services be your linen partner for your hospital, clinic, or nursing home. As a TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Laundry, we perform the very best practices and standards in processing your linen. This dedication to excellence is pervasive throughout our entire company culture. The result is bright, clean, soft, and the highest quality linens free of pathogens.

As an experienced healthcare linen provider, Bates Troy is very familiar with our customers special healthcare facility needs. We provide the Highest Quality LinenExpert Customer Service Representatives, and Value-Added Services resulting in over a 95% Customer Retention Rate.. Bates Troy is a leader in cost containment, we use of Linen Master Software, and strive to save you money by efficient linen management and utilization.

Are you an On-Premise Laundry faced with significant equipment reinvestment? Now is the perfect time to seriously consider outsourcing! Even if your equipment has significant life left, let Bates Troy perform consultation services by providing an in-depth Laundry Survey of your facility. We will assess your true operating costs, remove labor challenges, and determine your Ultimate Cost Savings which will affect your decision when considering outsourcing. Bates Troy can help provide turn-key service in helping you sell your existing equipment to maximize value.

Bates Troy is a member of the TRSA’s Laundry ESP Program. The Environmental Stewardship Program is dedicated to responsible environmental practices. In addition to this, Bates Troy was recognized both by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and Broome County Legislature for its implementation of its Green Technologies thus reducing energy consumption and providing real world Sustainability.

In 2009, Bates Troy completed its equipment and facility expansion. We now proudly process over 16,000,000 clean pounds of linen annually servicing over 40 healthcare facilities, 50+ Clinics, & employ 160 people. Dependability: Bates Troy has two tunnel washing systems, power plant redundancy, & an onsite Cogen in event of power grid failure.

Bates Troy is in partnership with NYSID, ACHIEVE, & AVRE in employing Individuals with Disabilities both onsite and offsite.

During the COVD-19 Pandemic Bates Troy helped its customers staff stay safe by implementing Reusable Precautionary ISO Gowns eliminating the needs for disposables. The result is superior protection, elimination of 90-day on-site storage for disposables, reduced waste disposal costs, and savings for the environment.