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2nd Shift Linen Sorter:  To correctly and efficiently sort the soiled linen in preparation for washing, while removing any resident personal or other items for return to the facility. M-F 3:00 PM-11:30 PM Overtime as needed.


  • Empty linen carts.
  • Place soiled linen on belts.
  • Separate by type of linen. (pads, gowns, scrubs, IV, blankets, sheets, towels, baby linen .
  • Pull out carts from behind belt.
  • Ensure there are enough carts.
  • Occasionally unload trucks (depending upon driver)
  • Put aside equipment and other foreign objections found among soil.
  • Clean and disinfect work area according to cleaning procedures.
  • Remove any resident personals and place in bag for return to the appropriate facility.
  • Other duties as assigned.