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In 2014 Bates Troy Inc., to ensure the uninterrupted processing of clients’ goods, took a bold initiative to invest in a 400-kilowatt Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system, also known as “cogen”, short for cogeneration. The system, which went into full operation in 2105 produces electricity and hot water from V8 engines powered natural gas, gives our healthcare linen service complete electric power redundancy even during extended power grid failures. In fact, our plant runs on this system every day and can do so indefinitely as long as there is natural gas in the pipeline. If natural gas service is interrupted the electric grid becomes our backup.

The system is located in a secure room five feet off the ground in our plant, as area that never saw water damaged even during two recent 500-year floods.

Bates Troy is one of the few laundries in the entire country with this complete backup power capability. Our clients’ can rest easy knowing we have their back.


Emergency Backup

Most of our long term healthcare partners still have small washers on-site to process personals, mops, etc. Should the washer or dryer break down, we provide mechanic support and/or emergency back-up processing to make sure our partners can remain operational.

For emergency backup service please contact:
Patrick Fendick, Director of Sales at 607.723-5333, ext. 330 and/or