Bates Troy HLAC Accreditation



Lbs. of Linen
Cleaned to Date

August 10, 2007

Mr. Ara Kradjian
Vice President
Bates Troy, Inc.
151 Laurel Ave.
Binghamton, NY 13905

Dear Mr. Kradjian:

This letter summarizes our inspection of your plant at 151 Laurel Ave. in Binghamton on August 1, 2007. Sonny Wyatt, CHESP, RLLD, conductes this inspection and submitted a written report to my ofiice.

I am pleased to report that Bates Troy, Inc has received a scroes of “yes” or “not applicable” on 100% of the “shall” statements on the inspection check list, and a score of 100% on the government-mandates “must” statements. As a result, Bates Troy, Inc has passed the inspection ans is hereby accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council.

Inspection findings and remarks:
Mr. Wyatt did not find any material discrepancies in your operations. This is rare, and is a testament to the careful preparations you made for this inspection. Mr. Wyatt wrote to me “They has an outstanding operation and thier documentation was the best I have seen.”

No further action is required of Bates Troy, Inc. We will soon send you a Certificate of Accreditation, which will be in force for three years from the date of the inspection. Your accreditation will expire on August 1, 2010. HLAC will also add Bates Troy, Inc to ur lsit of accredited laundries on our web site at www.

On behalf of the HLAC Board of Directors, I congratulate you and your entire staff on a job well done.