Healthcare Accreditation



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Bates Troy HLAC Accreditation Team

Why did your company choose to be become accredited?
Bates Troy is increasingly specializing in healthcare linen. As our healthcare clients are demanding more diligence and protocols for themselves they are beginning to ask it of their suppliers and service provides. Bates Troy wanted to stay ahead of the wave in this regard and HLAC standards and guidelines provide us with the framework we needed to make it happen.
Standing (left to right) Randy Widrick, Jim Rheinheimer, Mike Sipes, Ed Arzouian, and Brian Kradjian. Seated (left to right) Chris Skojec, Ara Kradjian, Tom Singe

What was the inspection process like and how did you prepare?

The inspection process was a worthwhile exercise in and of itself. Bates Troy’s management took the process very seriously and provided the time and resources needed to get it done. It was a real team effort. All departments shared the burden and gave the process their full cooperation. While in practice many of the standard and guidelines were already being met, to document and quantify them was an additional exercise. To do it all while running a plant at full capacity and in the middle of an expansion was a challenge. Bates Troy had several internal inspections in preparation for the real thing. We found this practice so beneficial that we have made it a
regular practice.

Are you marketing the accreditation and if so, how are you doing this?

Bates Troy is indeed marketing its HLAC accreditation. Our entire company from upper management to shop floor personnel is proud of the accomplishment. We have issued press releases to local media, national trade magazines and industry associations as well as announcing the accreditation to our existing clientele and including it in the material going out to our prospective clients. We have made multi-media use of the promotional material provided by HLAC, using them for our web site, to our trucks, stores and stationary.